#SundayBlogShare – Reflections on Life and Love 🌄🌌👪

Random musings from the keyboard of a poorly but philosophical Ginny on this rainy Sunday…

What does it mean to live an authentic life?

Precious gifts of breathing, thinking and feeling…

Simple enough on the surface.

Breath flows regardless of our thoughts,

Minds wander into other realms

Emotions stemming from the former.

Hikers hammock

Masters and navigators of the senses,

How do we control and stimulate them?

That responsibility is our challenge…

Life would be shallow without the depth of despair,

Life would be meaningless without the joy of love,

Life would be boring without learning and becoming.

Statue of liberty at night

Like the concept of compound interest,

Personal growth accumulates in the bank of life.

Many actions originate beneath the surface,

Steering us blindly into seas as yet uncharted.

This gift of life, we can use it wisely or squander it.

It’s not just about us, but all souls.


Do we not hail from the same source?

The mysterious paradox: we are different, but the same.

What separates us is our beliefs; limiting or otherwise.

What matters is how we use our strengths and virtues,

Forget the flaws, we share those too.

Follow your heart, it beats in wisdom.

Summerside, PEI. Summerside waterfront.

Humanity: expression of a diverse panoply of peoples,

A melting pot of DNA and talents;

We come in all shapes and sizes, but all share the Spirit.

Spirit infuses us with purpose and passion,

In hedonism, satisfaction is fleeting and empty

Meaningful experience is the very crux of life…

woman swimming

The connection of souls is limitless,

A deep well that each of us draws from

And contributes to;

Our wellbeing or suffering affects another

In ways we have yet to comprehend,

But love makes everything worthwhile.

vinyl record - find your groove

Without love, existence is a physical void,

A space of nothingness, matter without nucleus

Society asleep thrives on celebrity gossip, victimhood.

We are all here now; on this planet together.

Random acts of kindness go unreported,

But the recipient knows the warmth of that deed.

morning cup of tea

If my light were extinguished now, what would my legacy be?

Would the impression of my existence be noticed?

A brief stitch on the infinite tapestry of time…

It lies not in wealth or fame,

But in the small moments of giving and receiving,

Living in the present…

surf on a sandy shore

Part of the perpetual ebb and flow of life.

A hug and a kind word to demonstrate love,

The hand outstretched to a friend in strife

The courage to be who you are;

Share your creativity, your innermost self.

Lives are like beacons: one light signals to the next.

Lighthouse at night

Now the hills are ablaze with fires.

A universe of souls aligned with their light,

And accepting of their shadows.

Don’t deny or resist your power,

Be who you are, shine your light!

In doing so, you illuminate the way for others to do the same.

underneath a daisy

Life is for Living In Flow Eternally…

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