#SundayBlogShare – Hearing the Heart 💗

Heartfelt verses to sweeten your Sunday!

Hearing the Heart

The Heart and the Head are sometimes at odds,

But the Heart wields the ultimate power.

It is the Heart that has a mind of its own; not in my control,

My Heart: a field of pure love than emanates towards you.

The Golden Hours - Lord Frederick Leighton c. 1864

The Golden Hours – Lord Frederick Leighton c. 1864

All housed in a squidgy mass of pulsating muscle,

Keeping me alive, yet drawing me to you, like a magnet,

Encompassing everything it means to be human.

An eternal passion pumps and swirls within its red chambers,

Heart - Alie Ward

Heart – Alie Ward

Forcing blood through my veins; expressing my soul,

Its true purpose is giving meaning to the biology of existence.

Without a heart we would be mere machines,

Alive, but not living, not in love with life.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema - An earthly Paradise c. 1891

Lawrence Alma-Tadema – An earthly Paradise c. 1891

And in giving new hearts life, it burgeons with joy,

Connected hearts are the music of the cosmos.

My Heart is strong and resilient, driving gallons of crimson fuel,

But the paradox remains: it is also fragile.

Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee - Romeo & Juliet c. 1884

Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee – Romeo & Juliet c. 1884

It can shatter into a million pieces and still breathe life,

But the shards stab with a pain not of this world.

I listen, but I must also hear…

The message is clear. Without love, I cannot live.

By Virginia Burges

#SundayBlogShare 🌎☀🌛🌠 Boundaries…

“Poets utter great and wise things which they do not themselves understand.” ~ Plato

In a rare moment of courage and lucidity, a strange urge came upon me; I attempted to write poetic verses:


The air we breathe suffuses and inflates our lungs,

Intoxicated with life, desire for nature’s abundance.

Elegant, rasping rhythms of filling and emptying,

Nourishing cells in primordial chemical dance.

I have form, I have a mind. But it is the soul that defines…


Where do I begin? Where do you end?

Do our immortal boundaries overlap?

Separate yet whole, like yin and yang,

Energies mingling in etheric joy without gap.

Distance annihilated, in the eternal now of spirit.


Your essence entwines with mine, even if hearts beat apart…

Eyes cannot see what the soul feels,

Defining limits is impossible, for each blurs into the other.

Edges soar among firmament; physicality exquisitely denied,

Our connection is real – solid as the earth, sea, wind and sky.


Burning with the searing intensity of the sun,

Even the elements cannot contain it…

Form is but walking death, a fleeting vessel of expression,

Oh beautiful barrier, you trap the delights and torments of flesh.

Why must our earthly boundaries elude each other?


Love and life will find a way, forever seeking,

Like flowers pursuing arduous paths through concrete,

Unfolding their challenged petals, blossoming into divine vision.

Should your soul depart, mine will scatter throughout the universe;

No longer tethered in union: its boundaries…broken.

By Virginia Burges