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If you’re considering reading The Virtuoso, I’ve brought together all my reviews – both for the book and the music – to view in one place, as they tend to get scattered across various social media and internet sites.


“A real page turner – I was given this book so had no idea what to expect when I packed it for my holiday. Wow, I couldn’t put it down. Beautifully written, interesting details, great plot. When is the next book coming out?” ~ Carol Pickerin (Amazon)

I was delighted when a friend of mine showed me these comments from her sister:

Hi Andrea, I’ve just finished reading the Virtuoso which I think you gave me. It is absolutely brilliant and I’m a bit gutted to have finished it except that I wanted to know how it finished!! I’ll pass it to Mum at some point and then you must read it. Thank you for a brilliant book. – Carol

“Like a meal at your favourite restaurant – A modern day romantic saga peppered with many authentic details in the world of musicianship. The heroine is a classic role model in overcoming tragedy and the tale is satisfying, like a meal at your favourite restaurant. If you are fortunate to get hold of a paperback copy, it is also beautifully
produced, making reading it an added pleasure.” ~ Sally McIver (Amazon)


I can’t believe this is Virginia Burges’ first book. I love her professional literary style. The characters, as well as the story, have real depth. A gripping plot with a dark undertone. Can’t wait for her next book to come out.  (5 stars on Amazon).


“Another good read from the house of Satin Publishing. The plot gets inside you as you find yourself both outraged, and equally sympathetic towards the heroine and her twisting journey through life.” Author/Blogger Josephine Sanchez Vanner (


“If you love strong heroines and a wonderful romance this is the book for you! A lot of musical education but not so that it got in the way of the story, more that it bought substance to the background. Marvellous colourful story!” ~ A Customer on


goodreads Sep review

“There were a number of unexpected events in this book which is always a plus for me as I don’t like the flow of events to be obvious. It certainly kept me wanting more until the very end. As a classical music novice it was also interesting to get an insight into that world.” ~ Andrea (Amazon)

Twitter - Irene_about_the_music_and_film

“For music lovers and book lovers alike, The Virtuoso offers complex themes and human emotion with notes of musical comparisons.” ~ Purple Birch Publishing

“Virginia Burges blew me away with her love and talent for violin poured into her character and now she caters to my love of using all the senses for storytelling. When you read a good novel you catch yourself forgetting the time, where you are, and perhaps who you are. ~ PB Publishing, March 2015

Amazon_review (2)

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“A powerful, beautiful novel, with a page-turning plot and an inspiring heroine. Can’t wait for the author’s next book!” ~ Scordatura (Goodreads)

“The story and the writing held my attention from first page to last. I learned a few things about Beethoven too.” ~ Edward Shannon Jeter (Facebook)

EJ - Facebook review

“The Virtuoso is a beautiful story of finding a new meaning in life following adversity. Although I initially found the reading a little hard going, I was soon wonderfully swept along by Isabelle’s story with enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning and to stop the story becoming a cliche. It was also lovely to get an insight into the classical musical world, something I know little about, delivered with a light touch.” ~ Janey Dornheim (Amazon)

“This was a good and touching story. The cover is beautiful. I was surprised at the end of the book by how much I enjoyed it. It was one of those books that was hard to put down, but also; a book I didn’t want to finish to fast. It was a great book. It was written well. Also, not too long. i would definitely re read this book in the future.” ~ Nicholas (Goodreads)

the_virtuoso_twitter_comment Harold

Make sure you get the accompanying soundtrack on Amazon here. ~ Mark (Amazon)

“I am grateful to have met Virginia and to have been part of Isabelle’s story through music. Her novel, The Virtuoso is powerful, beautiful, and very human; and sure to touch many hearts like it did mine.” ~ Adelia Myslov

“Captivating read. The story line sucks you in to the point you are there. Brilliant book. Well done. The music is so lovely. What a lovely idea to have a piece of music written for the book. Excellent.” ~ A.S. Harrison (Amazon)

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“After a vicious attack ends her professional career as a violinist, Isabelle Bryant must find a new purpose in life that still incorporates her love of classical music. Burges has crafted a compelling story about how one woman turns tragedy into opportunity. (She has also been a classical violinist, so it is no surprise that she discusses music with loving familiarity.) Despite sobering elements, this is ultimately a heart-warming tale about starting again when life seems over.” ~ Rebecca Foster (The Bookbag)

rsz_the_virtuoso_twitter_comment2 (2)

“Reading this book brought back many memories of my 4 years in England from 1988-1992. During that time, I attended many classical music performances at many venues throughout London and in other towns and villages. Anyone who appreciates classical music and those who are skillful with orchestral instruments will likely enjoy reading this book.” ~ Stephen Baird (Amazon)


“A very enjoyable read. Really enjoyed this novel. Beautifully written with an engaging plot. Couldn’t put it down!” ~ (Amazon)

“Five Stars. A great book – I finished it in two days! Highly recommended.” ~ Mandy (Amazon)

“The Virtuoso, a modern day Beethoven story.” ~ Purple Birch Publishing

I’ll be updating this page as and when comments are made.

I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of The Virtuoso, (digital or paperback) and to express my gratitude to the individuals who took the time to leave me valuable feedback!

“People keep saying, ‘Oh, you’re getting all these great reviews, that must make you really happy.’ I guess it does, but mostly it’s just a relief.” ~ Michael Chabon

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    • Thank you very much Robert! There is no such thing as little people, only fellow human beings. I never forget my friends. The film adaptation is but a dream at present. I’m working on a logline and treatment, then I’ll need to approach producers… gulp 😅


      • Sorry for the delay in replying, Ginny; too much the social media butterfly here. Well, yes…I never seriously considered that you thought of us as Little People! Casting should be a snap…Meryl Streep or Rebecca Hall or, my own favorite of the three, Janet McTeer. I’ve seen a lot of classical musician movies, but never one quite like your book would be. Closest is Hilary and Jackie…if you’ve not seen it you should. It made me rethink Elgar. And, as a nice bonus, there’s a Norn in it. A real-deal Norn. I love Norns; probably comes from being, among other things, The Perfect Wagnerite .


      • Norns eh! I had to look it up. I might have guessed you’d be into mythology! Thanks for your suggestions, all amazing actresses. I had Keira Knightley in mind…
        I haven’t seen Hilary & Jackie, looks good! Thank you Robert 🙂


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