What Happened When I Experienced Sound Therapy…

We all need a little TLC now and then, and my dear friend Laurelle Rond, a highly gifted lady who is probably the most talented, knowledgeable, kind and wise person I’ve ever had the privilege to know, was on hand to provide it.

Laurelle portrait 4Laurelle Rond began her career as a musician, singer and writer. She has developed a unique method of healing and self-discovery using sound, voice therapy and story work. With forty years of experience as a teacher and healer, she is also a published novelist and has recorded twelve CDs.

Laurelle runs meditation classes, has a private practice as a sound therapist and vocal coach and runs self-discovery workshops.

I was coming apart at the seams emotionally and Laurelle put me back together again. Literally!

Not in a physical Humpty-Dumpty way, but in an energetic way.

Quantum Physics states that our bodies are a constantly vibrating mass of atoms at the sub-atomic level. The nuts and bolts of our physical make-up are the exact same ingredients that constitute the entire universe:  we are literally one with the substrate of all that is! We are as amazing as the stars and planets that we stare up in awe at on a clear night.

Milky Way

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form, and on that basis we are as eternal and immortal as the cosmos.

However, if our energy is knocked out of balance it can become stagnant, which is when health issues can arise. Emotional and childhood trauma, stress, childbirth and all manner of events can splinter our main energy point, so that it hampers energy from travelling effectively through our Chakra system.

Perhaps I should explain, what Laurelle did for me was to bring my energy vortex back into wholeness by re-aligning my assemblage point.

The assemblage point is the epicentre of the body’s energy field, which lies roughly in the centre of the chest.

What is an assemblage point?

I didn’t really know what to expect, and I’d like to say I came away fully re-charged, but apparently my reaction was a good one! I’ll not keep you guessing any longer…

Assemblage Point re-alignment

When I arrived Laurelle greeted me with her usual warm smile and we chatted in a safe environment for a bit about my childhood and current situation. It seemed my visit was well timed; a particularly traumatic event from my early childhood had been triggered. After a decade of meditation I thought I had cleared most things, but this was sitting heavy on my chest, causing some issues with my lungs and voice.

There is a tendency to bury traumatic feelings and beliefs that arise in early childhood as they are too painful to deal with at the time. However they can get buried deep in the psyche and we become unconscious of them. I had abandonment issues, which manifested in a very emotional reaction when I told Laurelle about my experience as a six year old girl.

In my mind’s eye I saw my younger self as she sat at a window watching her father walk down the path, away from their home, feeling like she was at fault and that she must have done something very wrong.  She hadn’t meant to upset her dad. Her world was crashing in on her in that moment, she knew she would never live with him again.

I hadn’t even thought about it for a very long time, yet it affected me very profoundly when I spoke of it in a loving, non-judgmental environment. Then Laurelle took me through to her sound therapy room.

Laurelle bowl room

The curtains had been drawn. I settled in repose on her extremely comfortable treatment couch and she pulled a soft blanket over me. I was told I could relax and it was fine if I fell asleep, but that she would need to gently wake me at a certain point in the treatment when she would ask me to do an energy lock so that she could align my Assemblage Point.

Planetary Tuning Forks

Planetary Tuning Forks

It was quiet for a second as I lay there, eyes closed, ready for Laurelle to work her magic. And work it she did. I soon became aware of different sounds passing around me. They seemed unintrusive and comforting, they calmed my overactive mind.

I remember hearing what sounded like beads shaking, tuning forks, Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls and Laurelle’s beautiful, pure voice.

All the while my eyes remained closed as the sounds infiltrated my whole being.

Laurelle placed a crystal on my chest and I gradually felt the area warm up until after a few minutes my whole upper body seemed to be radiating intense heat. It was a very welcoming sensation! I had no control over my body or my mind at this point; I was in Laurelle’s capable and caring hands!

I was then told to tighten my muscles as Laurelle had explained to me at the beginning, which I did for a few seconds, after which I was able to return to my deeply relaxed state. More pleasant sounds passed through me, I was enjoying the way the healing vibrations were affecting me.

Afterwards Laurelle left me all cosy and sleepy.  It took me a few minutes to re-focus my eyes when I opened them, I didn’t want to move, I felt so calm…

Eventually I rose and sat with Laurelle in her lounge. It was at this point something very strange happened to me. The all-encompassing warmth that had filled me dissipated and I started shivering slightly. Quite quickly the trembling progressed and before I knew it I was shaking uncontrollably all over. Laurelle pulled a fleece blanket round me and we sat together quietly as my body did its thing. My mind was empty while my body felt like it was in overdrive. This went on for about ten minutes.

Laurelle explained that this was my body’s way of releasing pent up trauma; a natural, physical reaction that was both healthy and normal and that I should let it run its course. I had a drink of water and Laurelle told me I would feel tired for about 48 hours.

I spent a few hours snuggled under my duvet that afternoon and slept like a baby. Gradually over the weekend the heaviness I felt in my chest and limbs disappeared and my physical, mental and spiritual flow returned. As I write this post I’m feeling fully restored and firing on all cylinders again!

Laurelle harp garden close up

I’ll definitely be going back for a ‘tune up’. It was an incredible experience that is hard to put into words. It affects you at a fundamental level and regardless of what’s going on in your mind your cells respond…

I admire Laurelle on so many levels, as a human being, as a teacher, as a musician and healer. She understands me. What more can anyone ask of a therapist and friend?

If you live in the Home Counties area, do get in touch with Laurelle and give it a try. I guarantee you it will be one of the most worthwhile experiences you will ever have – completely life changing.

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