The Lake District Revisited (Fresh on my Mind!)

“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.” ~ William Wordsworth

After a few years away I’m reminded of how utterly peaceful and wild the Lake District is. I’m not sure if you can call an activity filled week a relaxing holiday, but a change of scenery does recharge flat batteries; and the scenery doesn’t get much better than in the Lake District.

Boats on Crummock Water

Boats on Crummock Water

The only downside is surviving a long, cramped road trip with excited and irritable children…

I could feel my mood lifting with each new adventure, and it reminded me of how Beethoven felt when he arrived in the countryside outside Vienna. His ‘pleasant feelings’ were enough to inspire his gorgeous 6th Symphony in F Major, affectionately known as the ‘Pastoral’:

We’ve been swimming, kayaking, boating, walking, climbing, carting, riding, waterfall-chasing, sightseeing and exploring. Oops, I nearly forgot eating. Noshing is a favourite pastime of my continually ravenous offspring!

Ruby on Bruno at Rookin House

Ruby on Bruno at Rookin House

With precious little time to unpack, get the kids ready for the start of a new school year, scribble some thoughts and generally catch-up before a really busy week ahead, I’m in the mood to recapture the essence of this timeless landscape and bottle some of that elusive holiday elixir before it inevitably evaporates into the ether of everyday life…

Having a walk on one of the short trails at Grizedale Forest.

Having a walk on one of the short trails at Grizedale Forest.

Speaking of which, the cyclists in the Tour of Britain 2016 (stage 2) are taking on the Lake District today!

Panoramic view of the Kirkstone Pass towards Windermere

Panoramic view of the Kirkstone Pass towards Windermere

I thought I’d share a few verses inspired by the Lake District (the adventure capital of the UK):

Lakeland Odyssey

Primordial power forged an ancient, rugged landscape,

Charming, green meadows bask in vast, watery valleys,

Craggy peaks beckon climbers with breathtaking escape,

Steep, narrow gorges unto rocky waterfalls marries,

Misty fells echo with blustery wind and frothy streams

Brooding clouds sit on mountains; shade beams.



Sheep roam free on verdant, mossy hill,

Around every bend a panorama is ready-made,

Urban ears tune-in to the sounds of nature’s will,

Pray for pristine, eternal beauty to never fade,

Sweet scent of pine is heady, lakes intoxicate;

Beguiling trails, swathed in ferns, raise heart-rate.

On the shore at Derwentwater

On the shore at Derwentwater

Epic views nourish weary souls of lacklustre beings,

Technology depleted cells absorb primal energy,

Erosion has carved and sculpted sights for seeing,

Forests, hills and wild tarns imprint on memory,

Immortal land of glinting lakes and majestic mountains,

Time has no meaning, no anxious hours of doubting…

Tarn Hows Panorma

Tarn Hows Panorma

Empty minds follow active bodies and forceful feet,

Expanded lungs breathe in splendour, exhale worry,

Thoughts drift to distant skies, for you to meet,

Your lighter load; clear of junk, free of hurry,

Eyes soak up shades of purple, brown, grey and green

Reflective, blue depths ripple with opaque sheen.

Low-flying cloud over Derwentwater!

Low-flying cloud over Derwentwater!

Droplets of rain saturate air of altitude,

To moisten and glisten on tingling skin,

Experience the elements; feel alive, renewed,

Ebullient weather to embrace, even revel in!

Excitement courses through throbbing veins,

Glorious, arduous exploration always remains…

Climbing tree at Tarn Hows

Happy hikers traverse rock, heather, grass and slate,

Well-trodden paths lead to abundant treasure,

Custodians of Earth, seek life beyond the gate.

Cherish every panorama of pigment-rich pleasure,

Such untamed beauty, it’s hard not to be fulsome,

Hallelujah! Cradled am I, in nature’s primeval bosom.

Part of the inner Castlerigg Stone Circle

Part of the inner Castlerigg Stone Circle

Yonder peaks stretch as far as the eye can see,

Yachts and steamers traverse deep, silent lakes,

Be you walking, climbing or sailing: feel the glee,

Imbued with prehistoric strength – or aches!

Summer is ebbing into the tides of history,

A brief Lakeland odyssey is part of my story…

Approach to Aira Force near Ullswater

Approach to Aira Force at Ullswater

I took my own video at the magnificent Aira Force waterfall near Ullswater, but I found a really good one already uploaded on youtube to leave you with. It really does roar!

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