A Helpful Lesson in the World of Energy

“We have been all wrong! What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.” ~ Albert Einstein

It’s a rather plaintive opening to this week’s post. A series of recent events and stressful situations has caused me to feel overwhelmed, anxious, antsy and all in all, emotionally battered. With nasty old thought patterns rearing their ugly heads, my energy channels almost reached overload and I was feeling lost. I couldn’t see a way out and I wasn’t able to deal effectively with what life was throwing at me.

The trouble is, when you act unconsciously you are usually unaware of it at the time the behaviour occurs, and so a downward cycle can hinder us in balancing our energy and removing blockages that, if left buried and unexpressed or unreleased, can cause physical illness as well as emotional distress.


I was lucky to have the help and support of a close friend and very special lady who is helping me in many areas of my life.

Kim was able to help me release this heavy, negative energy, restore my energy flow and emotional equilibrium.  The technique she used was new to me, (although similar in some respects to other energy healing therapies I have come across), known as EmoTrance, or EMO – Energy in Motion.

What is EmoTrance/EMO?

It’s all energy

Quantum Physics asserts that everything in the universe is pure energy at the sub atomic level. Our planet, nature, our bodies, and our thoughts exist in space and time, and have a certain vibration.


The founder of EMO, Dr. Silvia Hartmann, explains how the metaphor of water is used in EmoTrance energy healing work:

After a thorough session I was feeling restored to my usual energetic self. I had some significant releases and it felt good to let go of the thoughts, feelings and energy that most definitely wasn’t helping me. As I discovered, it’s all about the flow. Blockages are bad with a capital B. Just think of drains, smells, stagnant pools and disease. My nose is crinkling already! It’s all about balance. Energy can’t be balanced if it does not flow through a system. Any system.


Walking along a sandy beach watching and listening to the regular, rhythmic sound of waves rolling onto the shore and pulling back a layer of sand or pebbles, you can fully appreciate the eternal flow of our planet. Even the unused particles of dead plants and animals get recycled into the cosmic energy field. Nature does not waste energy.


This will be an ongoing process for me as I work through my challenges. I had another realisation straight after the session, as I thought about what Kim and I had explored and its relation to a movie I had recently seen with my family, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. You may be wondering what the blazes has the Warner Bros. prequel spin-off to Harry Potter got to do with imbalances in energy?

All will be revealed post haste!

The main character in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Newt Scamander, a wizard and magizoologist who wrote a book by the same name that was referenced in Harry Potter. JK Rowling wrote her first screenplay for the film. I thought she did a great job. She has imagined a whole new magical world that exists before Harry Potter that fans can get absorbed in.

The film is set in 1920’s New York as Newt becomes embroiled in the secret magical community just as they are battling a mysterious, powerful enemy whose spate of grisly murders are threatening to expose them to No-Maj’s (the equivalent of Muggles in Harry’s universe).

We learn that Newt, who is played by the young, quintessentially British, Oscar winning actor, Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl, The Theory of Everything), was expelled from Hogwarts and is very much an expert and lover of fantastic beasts across the world. He is making a new home for them in the wilds of Arizona where they can live safely and he can study them further. He plans to write a book about them someday…

An Obscurus in real life

Without giving away too much of the plot (in case you haven’t seen the film), I had a surge of insight about the dark, swirling entity in the movie, referred to as an obscurus.

I was especially taken with the concept of an obscurus; a malignant, uncontrollable energy form that arises in young magical children, who out of persecution and fear have suppressed their abilities and wizard identities to deny who they truly are. The obscurus eventually takes on a life force of its own, consumes and eventually kills its disturbed wizard hosts and creators. Obscuruses are destructive, malevolent and seemingly impossible to destroy.

Newt manages to capture and suspend one such entity from a dying girl with the purpose of understanding it more fully. When he comes across the source of the baleful one on the rampage in New York, the film takes a darker turn.

Through the action Rowling cleverly illustrates how unresolved anger, repression and negative emotions manifest in a fictional world.

But to me, the realm of fantasy doesn’t seem that far removed from reality. What happens to us energetically when we bury strong or unresolved emotions and transparent beliefs, is not so different to the lethal effect of the obscurus. It is an unconscious act of self-harm.

The light aspects of a person’s archetypes and their equivalent positive thoughts can become obscured by an overload to the energy centers (chakras, meridians, etc.) when a person suffers prolonged stress, or emotions triggered from a traumatic event or incident in childhood.


Left unchecked and unnoticed stagnant energy festers and can cause all sorts of physical ailments. As complex, integrated beings, our thoughts and emotions are intricately entwined with our physical bodies.

Our bodies and thoughts have been proven by physics to be nothing but energy forms, and these energy forms are either working for us or against us. I found the parallels between the field of energy healing and the Fantastic Beasts film helpful in visualising what trapped negative energy might look like, and the damage it can wreak on mind, body and soul, let alone a movie set!

Don’t feed your obscurus as I did; study it and be aware of it, and take time to top up your energy reserves if you feel depleted. I find it’s sorely needed at this time of year!

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