#SundayBlogShare – The Stream of Life 🌅⛲

More philosophical prose from a wannabe poet!

The stream of life constantly flows

Let its currents carry you to shores anew,

Rowing upstream fights all that is,

Resistance drains and depletes you.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Scene by Norwegian Impressionist painter Frits Thaulow

Scene by Norwegian Impressionist painter Frits Thaulow

Uncharted waters can lead us astray,

Perhaps almost drown us, shred nerves.

Coughing and spluttering we emerge,

Cursing the deep, deceptive curves.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - Woodland scene with a river

Frits Thaulow – Woodland scene with a river

Do not hold on to pain and injustice,

It is a gift in disguise,

But if we wallow too long,

We can tell ourselves lies.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - Washerwomen in the morning at Quimperle

Frits Thaulow – Washerwomen in the morning at Quimperle

The pain in us notices the hurt of another,

Sad songs, the gaze of mournful eyes.

You took a wrong turn too,

But we are still buoyant, alive.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - An orchard on the banks of a river

Frits Thaulow – An orchard on the banks of a river

A book says don’t get used to suffering,

It’s not your natural state.

Choking and stifling the freedom of the soul,

Heavy burdens give it weight.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - Moonlit canal

Frits Thaulow – Moonlit canal

Like a river that stands still too long,

Blocked, putrid water will stagnate,

Its inertia pooling with bacteria;

In the stench of foul smelling hate.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - Water Mill

Frits Thaulow – Water Mill

When the spirit becomes infected

It slowly poisons the mind,

Disease infiltrates the body,

The trinity of mind, body and soul is blind.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - Snow landscape

Frits Thaulow – Snow landscape

Don’t get addicted to the juice of suffering,

It’s easy to do.

Your past is not your present,

NOW is the moment we are NEW

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow - Winter at the river Simoa

Frits Thaulow – Winter at the river Simoa

Are you moving forward?

Navigate through seasons and storms,

Enjoy the moments of calm;

Savour the view, there are no norms.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow

Frits Thaulow

Cells in our bodies replace and renew,

We are not physically the same.

Let your emotions roll on too,

The soul must follow its own name.

Let go, stay in the flow…

Frits Thaulow

Frits Thaulow

There is no right and wrong,

Only what serves a sentient being.

Companions share our mysterious journeys,

Under the glassy, reflective surface, you become all seeing.

And remember…let go, stay in the flow…

By Virginia Burges.

Frits Thaulow

Frits Thaulow

#SundayBlogShare – Reflections on Life and Love 🌄🌌👪

Random musings from the keyboard of a poorly but philosophical Ginny on this rainy Sunday…

What does it mean to live an authentic life?

Precious gifts of breathing, thinking and feeling…

Simple enough on the surface.

Breath flows regardless of our thoughts,

Minds wander into other realms

Emotions stemming from the former.

Hikers hammock

Masters and navigators of the senses,

How do we control and stimulate them?

That responsibility is our challenge…

Life would be shallow without the depth of despair,

Life would be meaningless without the joy of love,

Life would be boring without learning and becoming.

Statue of liberty at night

Like the concept of compound interest,

Personal growth accumulates in the bank of life.

Many actions originate beneath the surface,

Steering us blindly into seas as yet uncharted.

This gift of life, we can use it wisely or squander it.

It’s not just about us, but all souls.


Do we not hail from the same source?

The mysterious paradox: we are different, but the same.

What separates us is our beliefs; limiting or otherwise.

What matters is how we use our strengths and virtues,

Forget the flaws, we share those too.

Follow your heart, it beats in wisdom.

Summerside, PEI. Summerside waterfront.

Humanity: expression of a diverse panoply of peoples,

A melting pot of DNA and talents;

We come in all shapes and sizes, but all share the Spirit.

Spirit infuses us with purpose and passion,

In hedonism, satisfaction is fleeting and empty

Meaningful experience is the very crux of life…

woman swimming

The connection of souls is limitless,

A deep well that each of us draws from

And contributes to;

Our wellbeing or suffering affects another

In ways we have yet to comprehend,

But love makes everything worthwhile.

vinyl record - find your groove

Without love, existence is a physical void,

A space of nothingness, matter without nucleus

Society asleep thrives on celebrity gossip, victimhood.

We are all here now; on this planet together.

Random acts of kindness go unreported,

But the recipient knows the warmth of that deed.

morning cup of tea

If my light were extinguished now, what would my legacy be?

Would the impression of my existence be noticed?

A brief stitch on the infinite tapestry of time…

It lies not in wealth or fame,

But in the small moments of giving and receiving,

Living in the present…

surf on a sandy shore

Part of the perpetual ebb and flow of life.

A hug and a kind word to demonstrate love,

The hand outstretched to a friend in strife

The courage to be who you are;

Share your creativity, your innermost self.

Lives are like beacons: one light signals to the next.

Lighthouse at night

Now the hills are ablaze with fires.

A universe of souls aligned with their light,

And accepting of their shadows.

Don’t deny or resist your power,

Be who you are, shine your light!

In doing so, you illuminate the way for others to do the same.

underneath a daisy

Life is for Living In Flow Eternally…

#SundayBlogShare – Equilibrium 🎭⛅

Life operates on an invisible pendulum,

Constantly moving and evolving…

Swinging to love; weightless and free,

Where gratitude and mirth overflow

But momentum is gathering,

It will swing back.


Pausing for an infinitesimal moment, in boundless joy

Before lurching towards the depths,

Passing through an emotional kaleidoscope

To its opposite partner: despair.

I feel its inevitable power and sway,

Like a heeling yacht at the mercy of the ocean.


Please don’t let those dark tentacles pull me down,

Dragging me towards the inner abyss,

Where blackness engulfs and consumes.

A void, a vacuum of happiness and air

I cannot breathe, burdens are impossible to bear,

Hope – do not desert me, I will become nothingness.


Realm of unmet desire, stifled purpose, broken dreams

And so it goes;

I teeter between light and dark,

Passing through the chromatic scales of life,

Spared no notes; resonance for every season.

A symphony of joy, a sonata for sorrow,


Plucked and played at each end of the spectrum,

My journeyed heart yearns for equilibrium.

It can be the organ of my ecstasy, or my downfall…

There is no way to ignore its vibrations.

I am the composer of my soul’s music,

I alone conduct the sound of my energies.


Singing true to my keys: be they major or minor.

Will I soar on a meaningful adagio?

Or become enslaved to a never-ending fugue?

Will my melody ever be heard in the vast universe?

Listened to or ignored, my music is being performed.

I will play it, then let it go.


Those tunes will come to their finale,

I must remain in control; in balance…

At home in the symmetry of my soul;

That place of perfect peace and serenity.

Why must I experience such extremes?

Perhaps that is the nature of intense passions?


Without the lows there would be no highs.

I cannot deny my feelings,

They are part of me, not greater than the whole.

Once felt, I endeavour to release them,

Send them on their merry or miserable way,

And return, once again to equilibrium…

By Virginia Burges

#SundayBlogShare – Autumn Foliage 🍂🍁

Anyone in my social circle may suspect that October is my favourite month! Last year I collated some beautiful poems, paintings and literature in the post Ode to Autumn.

Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro

I hope my own words can cast a ray of light on your Sunday and paint some worthy burnished pictures in your mind…(alongside some Impressionist beauties)!

Autumn Foliage

You don’t possess the scorching heat of Summer;

Yet your warm palette brightens my soul.

Flaming tones of yellow, orange, ochre and red,

Have committed green to verdant memory.

Febrile fronds merge and sway in unison,

A kaleidoscope of colour ablaze on my retina,

Nature’s last jump for joy, before Winter comes.

Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro

I see tinted, vivid leaves clinging defiantly,

Radiating their seasonal light like a supernova,

An explosion of ephemeral, golden bloom,

Before they are ripped from branch and bough.

To be tossed and discarded,

On the breath of exuberant winds.

Swirling, withering petals of vibrant tincture;

James Tissot

James Tissot

Eventually laid to rest…

Creating a carpet of luminous pigmentation,

Dry and crisp under boisterous boots,

A final burst of spirited and spicy intensity.

The burnt hues of Autumn will soon be gone,

Leaving my eyes bereft of beauty.

Wind whistling long…

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Through the bleak, bare trees of winter.

Empty conker skins and mulchy leaves break down

Their recycled atoms dormant until spring,

Waiting to power tentative daffodil buds.

Death and decay, the cold season brings,

For renewal means to die and to be reborn;

…Even more magnificent than ever.

By Virginia Burges

Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro